The Local’s Secret

Twin brothers Nicholas and Aristotle Cleanthes would like to welcome you to their family restaurant.


“Because we grew up just a short distance from our restaurant, Blue Pete’s is like home and family to us. We want our customers to feel that way too.”

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Atmosphere by Mother Nature

Our atmosphere is an awe inspiring gift from Mother Nature. Blue Pete’s is located on a beautiful five acre spot in the Back Bay area of Virginia Beach near the Back Bay National Wildlife Sanctuary. If you come in for one experience, you are bound to come back for another.


We want our customers to come in, relax in comfort, enjoy good food prepared and served by our caring staff, and leave refreshed.


You’ll quickly learn why “our locals” return over and over again.


Don’t forget to look for special events for adults and for children.


Nicholas and Aristotle Cleanthes, Owners



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The draw for this property has always been provided by Mother Nature. The body of water on which Blue Pete’s is situated, Tabernacle Creek, was appropriately named. Come see why this place was named after a small place to worship – in this case, the outdoors. It is simply breathtaking.


Before 1972

Before 1972, the property on which the restaurant was built, first housed a small marina and fish house. In 1972 Pat and Betty Ann Ricks opened Blue Pete’s and began the first expansion. It was a cozy and homey place with seats for about twenty people. Patrons could buy bait, play a little pool, listen to country music, or sit at the bar for sandwiches and beer. Though the business has grown and changed over the years, its goals of the current owners are much the same as they were over 40 years ago – to provide food and good experiences in a friendly and homey atmosphere. The area is still known to have some of the best places to hunt and fish in the United States.



The current restaurant is far larger than its predecessor, with room for large parties including weddings, and an outdoor recreation area for family fun, and a modern bar. It is owned by twin brothers Nicholas and Aristotle Cleanthes. Born in the Back Bay area, they became avid hunters, fishermen, outdoorsmen, and frequently lend a hand to local nature conservation efforts. Their love for this area, good people, great food, and the country lifestyle is what inspired them to acquire Blue Pete’s and carry on the tradition of a place for locals and visitors to come together and enjoy themselves in a relaxed and natural setting.


What the heck is a Blue Pete?

A “Blue Pete” is a bird. It is the nickname for a waterfowl common to the American mid-Atlantic It’s real name is the American Coot. It is an odd bird in that it is a waterfowl that is found where ducks are found, swims like a duck, but does not have webbed feet like ducks and geese. The feet are bluish-yellow and look more like a chicken’s feet than the webbed feet of a duck. They are known as “rails” which have long soft toes designed to help them run on uneven and very soft surfaces.













About The Twins

“We want our restaurant to be all family all the time”.


Twin brothers Nicholas and Aristotle Cleanthes bought Blue Pete’s several years ago with the intent of reviving a classic restaurant in a breathtaking location. Their goal has been and will continue to be to build a place for families and vacationers to come in and have a good time, relax, and sample some excellent local cuisine.


“We always try to pay close attention to detail”, says Nick. “It’s important for us to make sure our customers feel at home. Great customer care is everything to us”.


The brothers, who grew up in the area, are still closely tied to it through multiple conservation efforts throughout the year. “We are right next to a National Wildlife Sanctuary. If we don’t take time to take care of it, who will”, says Aristotle.



2015 Events


March 19th Saturday Closed For Private Wedding

May 21st Saturday at 9:00am community Pungo Pick Up Event

Saturday at 9:00am is our community Pungo Pick Up Event where we clean up the trash off the streets of pungo!

May 28th Saturday The Twins Birthday Day Bash!

Open to the Public

July 9th Saturday is our Famous Pungo Smash Festival

Our Famous Pungo Smash Festival with live music, outside corn hole, outside bar, boats, bank fishing and lawn chairs! Don’t miss the party of the summer! Open to the public

September 3rd Saturday Closed For A Private Wedding

September 10th Saturday Closed For A Private Wedding

September 17th Saturday Closed For A Private Wedding

September 24th Saturday Closed For A Private Wedding

October 1st Saturday Closed For A Private Wedding

October 8th Saturday Closed For A Private Wedding

October 15th Saturday Closed For A Private Wedding

October 22nd Saturday Closed For A Private Wedding

October 29th Saturday Closed For A Private Wedding

December 3rd Saturday Closed For A Private Wedding


We can handle all of your Special Events needs!

Our restaurant can be rented out for parties and events, just give us a call to set it up!



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Winter Hours

Monday – Closed, Special Events only

Tuesday – Closed, Special Events only

Wednesday –  5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Thursday – 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Taco/Nacho Buffet and Free Pool

Friday – 5:00 pm – 12:00 am

Saturday – 12:00 pm – 12:00 am

Sunday – 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Contact Info

1400 N Muddy Creek Rd
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456